• “Their devotion to the work of our organization in the service of peace and those in need is an inspiration to us all.”


    Secretary-General of the UN, referring to IDG
    28 April 2011

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Our Operations

IDG Myanmar is part of the IDG group of international security companies, with offices in Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, India, Afghanistan, UAE, Iraq, South Sudan, Somalia and the UK. IDG has extensive corporate experience, having been on contract with different UN agencies since 2004. IDG Myanmar is led by an experienced international team and maintains a country-wide footprint.
Our operational team is made up of Gurkha veterans from the British and Indian armies and the Singapore Police Force, and other international security experts.

Our Values

We believe in transparency, reliability and cost competitiveness for our clients with the provision of first class services. At the same time, we strive to provide safe and rewarding experiences for our people in IDG.

Our Affiliations

Our Social Responsibility

IDG Myanmar observes the International Code of Conduct Association for private security providers (ICoCA), the Principles of the Montreux Document, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is a signatory to the UN Global Compact. The precepts of the Geneva Convention, the respect for human rights and the code of conduct for private security personnel are instilled during the training of our guards in Myanmar.
IDG Myanmar has launched an innovative Gender Action Plan aimed at broadening the participation of women at all levels in our operations.
Our proactive women recruitment and mentoring programs create a working environment that empowers Myanmar women and have become a model across the security sector in Myanmar.
  • Services

We provide a broad range of security solutions to both government and corporate clients. Our services include:
Security risk and vulnerability assessments
Crisis management development
Security awareness training
Physical asset security solutions
Security management planning
Employee and supplier screening
Emergency management
Technical security solutions
Stakeholder engagement



Site Security

IDG provides security services in a range of challenging environments all over the world. In Myanmar, we provide security solutions in every region of the country.
The complexity of political and security issues affecting the country is significant. Our understanding of these risks is highly evolved and constantly monitored by our political and security risk analysis section. This is fully embedded in our security offering.
Our local national guards are trained and mentored by a full time international training team, including experienced international ex-army personnel and ex-Gurkhas of the Singapore police. In some of our projects, we provide the client with a full-time Gurkha ex-army supervisor, to ensure the highest quality management in Myanmar.

High Risk Protection (Close Protection)

With decades of experience providing close protection to diplomats and high-ranking military officers in some of the world’s most complex and challenging areas, our international team can guarantee personal safety in Myanmar. Our services include vehicle escorts, close personal protection and executive (VIP) protection.

Hotel Security

IDG Myanmar’s hotel safety-and-security solutions are based on time-proven systems that have been tested in real life scenarios and proven to work extremely effectively. IDG Myanmar is guarding and securing couple of international hotels in Myanmar for many years.

Integrated Security Solutions

Our in-country international security experts can develop tailor-made world-class security solutions to your needs.
We also provide full-time security professionals to be embedded within some of our clients’ organisations in Myanmar.

Canine (K9) Protection and Explosive Detection

Our dogs are UK-trained and certified, and teamed up with experienced Gurkha handlers to serve as quality specialist working dogs.
– EDD teams can detect the presence of explosives in or entering a compound.
– Our defense dog teams are riot trained, and can protect your premises, ensuring defense against intruders, as well as being an effective deterrent.



Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

IDG’s HEAT Training prepares personnel to deal with injuries and vehicle accidents. It also trains recipients on how to react in situations such as kidnapping, hostage scenarios, suicide bombers, active-shooters and hijackings.

Defensive Driving

IDG’s Close Protection specialists can train your staff and drivers in defensive and evasive driving techniques. The course encompasses theory and practice on a driving range and teaches the necessary skills on how to react to and prevent road incidents, as well as to defend your vehicles and passengers.

On-site Security Development Training & Customised Courses

After conducting an evaluation of your site, we provide suitable security training in collaboration with your team.
– Code of Conduct
– Access Control, Screening, Entry & Exit Procedures for Visitors and Contractors
– Personnel Search
– Vehicle Search
– Human Rights
– Hostile Surveillance & Detection
– Basic First Aid
– Fire and Earthquake
– Health and safety
– Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)/Bomb Threat Awareness
– Self-Defence (Unarmed Tactic)
– Voice Procedure (Radio)
– Use of Baton

IDG Acumen

Security Risk Analysis

Myanmar suffers from a multitude of ethnic conflicts, armed narco-militias and paramilitary groups operating throughout the country. Our clients often operate in complex areas, and we advise them on the issues and concerns of operating in a particular area. Our advice is not generic or ‘open source’; it can focus down onto the specific access route, valley or settlement. The dynamics between different stakeholders operating in a particular geography are often continuously evolving and shifting. This can be the result of wider considerations taking place, which are hard to track or identify. It can affect the ability of clients to conduct their operations, as well as be a cause of concern for the safety of their personnel. IDG Acumen is able to track and make sense of developments as they happen, or often before the event. This is the result of hard-won experience, the depth of our contacts, and working relationships around the country.

Safety Management Services

Our understanding of the local conditions and our working contacts all over the country allows us to develop an accurate assessment of the local threats to you, your people, your assets and your business. Our security risk assessments process also provides you with a complete risk mitigation plan.

Operations Support

IDG Acumen has a wealth of experience in finding creative solutions for clients experiencing operational teething issues in Myanmar, especially in regional areas. We have a highly professional team of international and local-national investigators with decades of experience operating in private investigation, national intelligence agencies, and business operations in Myanmar. We value discretion, and all our work is done in line with the highest ethical standards.

Due Diligence and Corporate Investigations

We provide corporate intelligence-led investigations, aiding companies with in-depth background and market entry due-diligence. Our experienced investigators will inform you if your potential partner, contractor, supplier or client has the track record they claim, confirm company ownership compliance with local and international laws and advise you on potential concerns.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our understanding of local dynamics allows us to defuse social/political tensions that may arise and escalate into a public relations or operational issue. IDG Myanmar can deploy a team to analyse the situation and identify the key stakeholders at play. We then offer the ability to implement a number of workable solutions to the situation.
  • Team



Iaan Gordon is the sixth generation of his family born and brought up in India, which was his home until the age of 17. In 1969 he was commissioned into the British Army Brigade of Gurkhas and served with and trained Gurkhas, Chinese and Malays in the Far East. In the Middle East he spent four years as a combat infantry company commander on counter-insurgency operations with Omanis, Baluchis, Pakistanis and Iranians, and three years as deputy commander of a 3,500 strong irregular force of former guerrillas.
For six years he commanded the Gurkha police contingent in Singapore as Assistant Commissioner where he was responsible for deployments of Gurkhas protecting key infrastructure, prisons and detention centres, and VVIPS. He also planned and directed a $200 million infrastructure redevelopment project.
On leaving the Singapore Police, he established IDG Security in August 2001, which currently employs Gurkhas, Afghans, Somalis, Burmese, Filipinos and British nationals. Since 2004 its principal client has been the United Nations. He speaks some Arabic, Nepali and Hindi. He is passionate about protecting human rights through the elimination of corruption, and protecting the oceans by stopping the massacre of sharks and rays.
Chief Executive Officer
Guy Winter is a highly experienced security risk practitioner, having delivered services in a range of complex jurisdictions, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, South Sudan, Myanmar and Thailand. His clients have included the US Department of Defense and the US Department of State. He holds a PhD and a BSc in Psychology from the University of Leeds (UK).
Head of Operations
Min Bahadur Pun has been at IDG Myanmar for over 3 years and oversees the business of IDG Myanmar, promoted as the Head of Operations from Operations Manager in Oct 2020. He is a retiree from the Gurkha Contingent of Singapore Police Force (GCSPF) with a service of 23 years. During his time in the Singapore Police Force, he was involved in the central operations of the Gurkha Contingent, including the streaming of processes ranging from Admin, Finance, Training, Operation and also worked at the British Gurkhas Kathmandu, Nepal as a representative from GCSPF for 2 years. He concluded his career in the position of Assistant Quartermaster of GCSPF.
Deputy Head of Operations
Myint Myint Khaing has been working at IDG Myanmar for over 2 years and promoted to Deputy Head of Operations from Operations Manager in Oct 2020. She is an Ex-Military Nursing Officer in Myanmar for 7 years of service. Holds extreme experience as a Surveillance Detection Specialist for 10 years at the Embassy of the United States, Burma. Served as a School nurse for 5 years at the International School Yangon, Myanmar. She is teaching First Aid training to our security guards as she has an excellent background of nursing.


Training Manager
Tikaram Gurung recently retired from the Gurkha contingent of the Singapore Police Force with 24 years service. During his time in the Singapore Police Force, he was a certified instructor in unarmed tactics of security guarding and policing. He was also a tactical baton instructor, in the use of how to use a baton appropriately. He has also been certified by the Gurkha Contingent, Singapore Police in ‘control & restraint’ for over 15 years. He is a black belt and instructor in Aikido – a martial art which emphasizes on absorbing someone else’s aggression and using it to bring them under control.


At the core of our business, we employ the best security guards in the world: the Gurkhas. In Afghanistan, IDG employs over 1600 staff, and of that 600 are former Gurkha soldiers with over 16 years of honourable army experience each. Gurkhas, who are of Nepalese ethnicity, have been recruited by the British Army for over 200 years, due to their bravery, honesty and discipline.
Our Gurkha officers have a minimum of 16 years experience in either the British/Indian army or Singapore Police Force. They are personally selected by our managing director after a rigorous vetting procedure.
Their extensive security and military experience is a major factor in bringing our local security personnel up to international standards of competence.
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